Attitude towards Learning Oral Arabic Among Students in Different Learning Environments

Alhamdulillah, terbit pada bulan Oktober 2011. Satu-satunya artikel yang diterima terus tanpa pembaikan.


The Arabic course in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia is an elective offered to first degree students. Consequently, students’ attitude towards language learning has been identified to influence the learning process. This article reports two studies, (1) to investigate the difference in students’ attitude in different UiTM campuses (2) to investigate the difference in students’ attitude in three different faculties, namely (a) science and technology, (b) social science and humanities and (c) management and business. Both were quantitative studies using a questionnaire adapted from Attitude/Motivation Test Battery (AMTB) involving 193 samples (study 1) and 237 samples (study 2). The samples were selected based on stratified random sampling technique. The results found that (1) there was no statistically significant difference in students’ attitude in different UiTM campuses, but (2) there was a statistically significant difference in students’ attitude in different UiTM faculties. Science and technology students possessed a significantly higher level of attitude compared to social science and humanities students. These two studies have some pedagogical implications. Firstly, all UiTM campuses have similar level of students’ attitude. Some advantages in Shah Alam campus such as higher number of students’ enrollment and the existence of Arab students are seemed not to have significant influence on students’ attitude. Meanwhile, some faculties possess students with higher positive attitude as compared to others, which recommends the use of different approach of teaching and activities in the classrooms. Appropriate approach is vital in moulding students’ behaviour which consequently affects their performance in learning oral Arabic.

Keywords: attitude, oral Arabic, learning environment, foreign language learning

Ghazali Yusri, Nik Mohd. Rahimi, Parilah M. Shah, & Wan Haslina Wan Abd Halim (2011). Attitude towards learning oral Arabic among students in different learning environments. The International Journal of Language, Society and Culture(33), 37-44. (refereed journal-University of Tasmania, Australia)

Full paper. Klik di sini.

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