The Malaysian Smart School: How to prepare Arabic language teachers

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This paper discusses the preparation of Arabic teachers for the Malaysian Smart School Project in light of assessment of New Primary School Curriculum (NPSC) and Integrated Secondary School Curriculum (ISSC) based on The Malaysian Philosophy of Education. Data on the NPSC and ISSC was taken from 250 schools in Malaysia using postal questionnaire. The study identified the weaknesses in the implementation of those curricula as lack of understanding and support among the teachers for the teaching approach advocated by the Philosophy of Education, packed syllabi, large class sizes, short teaching periods and lack of support for teachers to develop materials. This study analysed the Malaysian Smart School in terms of its conceptual blueprint as its implementation is only at its pilot stage. We found that the Malaysian Smart School has the potential of improving education by providing answers to the unresolved questions in the previous curricula. However, the Malaysian Smart School has to be assessed continuously after its implementation based on The Malaysian Philosophy of Education, as conceptual blueprints may not materialise without effective implementation policies.

Key words: Teachers Education, Arabic Language Teachers, Smart School, Curriculum, Educational Philosophy.


Nik Mohd Rahimi, Raja Mohd Fauzi, Ghazali Yusri, Aqsha Lubis Maimun and Mohamed Amin Embi. (2010). Malaysian Smart School: How to Prepare Arabic Language Teachers. The International Journal of Learning, 17(1), 387-396.

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